Vitamix vs Ninja A blender is a blender, correct? As a matter of fact, about the best blenders, there’s something else entirely to it. Ninja makes probably the most imaginative kitchen machines around, offering a large number of blenders including multi-practical models. In the interim, Vitamix blenders are known to sneak up suddenly, however, they’re expensive and typically offer less usefulness.

In any case, with both of these very much regarded brands offering a few mixing machines, sorting out which one to purchase can be a cycle of a minefield. This is the explanation we’ve set them facing each other for reach, cost, and the elements they offer, to provide you with a breakdown of what you can get from each brand and which is probably going to address your issues. Vitamix vs Ninja

With 2022 the biggest shopping day of the year deals(opens in new tab) approaching, this moment would be a great opportunity to put resources into a Vitamix or Ninja blender. Like to have an elective brand? No problem – this shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving KitchenAid arrangements would merit a look, as well.

Vitamix vs Ninja


The Vitamix range shifts somewhat from one country to another, yet there’s a center scope of blenders that have all the earmarks of being reliably accessible around the world. The highest point-of-the-range independent blender is the Vitamix A3500, which is otherwise called the A3500I in the UK and Australia. It’s a 64oz/2-liter blender that shows up with computerized controls and five auto programs – and it’s right now top of our best blenders list.

Practically all Vitamix blenders accompany a more than adequate 64oz/2-liter pitcher, including the mid-range A2500 and the A2300 models. The E310 would be viewed as the more passage-level blender on offer from Vitamix, because of its less expensive sticker price, straightforward controls, and more modest 48oz/1.4-liter pitcher. Vitamix vs Ninja

While Vitamix offers a couple of blender packages, most of the reach includes huge independent blenders. Those searching for an individual cup blender from the brand should buy cup connections for use with its regular blenders.

In the US, the Vitamix range incorporates the A2300 Savvy Prep Kitchen Framework, which is provided with a food processor connection, as well as cutting and destroying plates. This is tantamount to the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Extreme Framework since both deal with destroying plates as well as cleaving sharp edges. Nonetheless, the Ninja misses the mark on the cutting plate, yet it accompanies an espresso and zest processor, as well as a solitary serve cup and smoothie bowl connection.

It’s ordinary for Ninja to join various machines to make multi-practical kitchen contraptions. Furthermore, thusly, Ninja’s scope of blenders consolidates the absolute best food processors as well as single-serve blenders. Frequently its reach will contrast by country, which can make it disappointing while attempting to analyze them like-for-like. Vitamix vs Ninja

Dissimilar to Vitamix, Ninja makes single-serve blenders that are great for those simply needing to make smoothies and protein shakes to go. The model that is most generally accessible is the Ninja Nutri-Blender Master with Auto-level of intelligence. In any case, the brand has likewise as of late sent off a strong single-serve blender framework that incorporates a cunningly evolved smoothie bowl connection for blitzing hard-to-mix frozen fixings into a thick smoothie bowl consistency. The Ninja Foodi Smoothie Bowl Creator and Supplement Extractor are known as the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender 2-in-1 with Shrewd Force and Auto-level of intelligence in the UK, and the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Pair in Australia.

The least complex blender Ninja offers is likely the Expert In addition to Pair, known as the 2-in-1 Blender with an Auto-intelligence level in the UK. If you need a blender that is not a cross between a few machines, this is the nearest you’ll get from Ninja, even though it accompanies a solitary serve cup packaged in. In the UK, the Ninja scope of blenders incorporates the Ninja Foodi Blender and Soup Producer, yet this isn’t accessible in the US or Australia. Vitamix vs Ninja


The Vitamix A3500 will impair you $575/£699/AU$1699, which is a weighty venture. Paradoxically, the most costly independent blender you can purchase from Ninja (without extra connections packaged in) costs altogether less at around $119.99/£129.99/$249.99

At the least finish of the scale, the Vitamix E310 costs $350/£399/AU$699, which is still far in abundance of even the most costly model that Ninja offers.

The Vitamix A2300 Savvy Prep Kitchen Framework is valued at $650 (just accessible in the US), while Ninja’s same, the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Extreme Framework, would cost you not exactly a portion of that at around $240/AU$450.

For Ninja’s most generally accessible single-serve blender, the Ninja Nutri-Blender Genius with Auto-level of intelligence, you can hope to pay $99.99/£99.99/AU$199.99. If you need a solitary serve choice from Vitamix, you’ll be looking to burn through $40/£35/AU$60 for a 20oz/600ml individual cup to join the Rising series of blenders. Nonetheless, do remember that this cost is notwithstanding the cost you pay for the blender.


Ninja’s scope of machines obscures the line among blenders and food processors and consolidates single-serve models, as well, while generally, Vitamix blenders sit immovably in the blender classification. Accordingly, the elements presented by Vitamix center around guaranteeing they’re the most ideal standard-size blenders they can be.

The highest point-of-the-range Vitamix A3500 incorporates 10 variable speed levels as well as a programmable clock and five auto settings. Likewise, the highest point-of-the-range Ninja Foodi Power Blender Extreme Framework offers 10 variable rates as well as seven auto programs.

The two brands highlight savvy innovation that permits the blenders to recognize which frill is joined, accordingly naturally changing the accessible settings to suit.

As we’ve previously referenced, the biggest and most normal pitcher provided by Vitamix is the 64 oz/2-liter pitcher. Ninja pitcher sizes change. The biggest in the ongoing reach is promoted at 72 oz/2.1 liters, however since the maximum fluid volume is 64oz/2 liters, most would agree they’re equivalent no matter how you look at it for limit.

Ninja’s most powerful blender has a 1600W engine, though the top model from Vitamix is furnished with a 1400W engine. Both are fit, strong engines – and, at this level, mixing execution depends as much on sharp-edge design as it does on the state of the pitcher. Subsequently, this little distinction in wattage isn’t exactly a lot of a pointer about which offers the best mixing power.

Overall, in their top-level models, the two brands offer comparative mixing speeds, power levels, and limits. Notwithstanding, the greatest qualification between the brands must be in the scope of viable embellishments and packs.

We’ve referenced currently a few times throughout this article that Vitamix blenders are for the most part models with a major pitcher and a few discretionary additional items, for example, single-serve cups. In any case, Ninja has a large number of cross-breed blenders and not a great numerous conventional independent blenders. Thus, the two brands contrast decisively in the elements on offer, since the Vitamix independent blenders can by configuration carry out fewer roles than Ninjas multi-reason blenders.


There’s no rejecting that Vitamix blenders are very much made and strong, yet assuming cost is top on your need show, you ought to think about a model from Ninja. You’ll have the option to sack a multi-useful Ninja blender for a small portion of what you’ll pay for even the least expensive independent blender on offer from Vitamix.

Having said that, assuming it’s an unadulterated mixing muscle you’re searching for, a Vitamix won’t let you down. This heavyweight blender conveys the ability to pound anything – and it won’t mess your pantries with undesirable adornments

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