The best waterproof headphones, Soundtrack your swims with the best waterproof earphones. Whether you’re simply an easygoing fan or you’re preparing for a major marathon, having a couple of earphones so you can pay attention to music is critical to either rousing you or closing the remainder of the world away and focusing you.

Sadly, even the best earphones out there aren’t exactly waterproof. Most exercise earphones and running earphones have some degree of water opposition so they don’t bomb you at the main drop of sweat, however, there isn’t much that propositions full waterproofing. That implies they just have sufficient water protection to fight off sweat and downpours, not complete and expanded submersion in a pool.

To bring earphones into the pool, they need an IPX7 rating or higher. To truly know the distinction, investigate our waterproof versus water-safe earphones guide.

The best waterproof headphones

We have investigated, tried, and looked into many models, dragging each pair through hellfire by doing laps and taking notes on their exhibition, battery duration, and sound quality. In this way, we could go on and on about what makes the best waterproof earphones and which models are qualified to suggest. Investigate our top picks underneath that remember a few ear earphones and some bone conduction earphones.

With the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving bargains live now, we hope to see bargains on a portion of these waterproof earphones blended in with many of the shopping extravaganzas following Thanksgiving earphone bargains. We’re looking out so that when those limits begin coming in, we’ll share them in this aide for comfort.

Waterproof earphones are, subsequently, not the ordinary earphones you’ll generally see making the rounds on an open vehicle. They’re particularly made for swimmers and are there to soundtrack those laps as well as block out the surrounding commotion. Many likewise accompanied their own underlying waterproof MP3 player and capacity since Bluetooth doesn’t send too submerged.

The best waterproof headphones 2022

  1. JBL Reflect Aero


Waterproof standard: IP68

Battery life: 8 hours (earbuds), 24 hours (with charging case)

Storage: Charging case

Audio formats: Any

Additional info: Saltwater safe, Bluetooth


Very good sound performance

Waterproofing works well

Amazing touch controls

Good in-ear detection


ANC is just ok

Not the best for phone calls

Bass is weird

The JBL Reflect Air are the best-sounding waterproof earphones we’ve at any point tried, which is the reason even though they depend on Bluetooth network to play you your number one tunes, they beat every item on this rundown assuming we’re exclusively looking at waterproofing. That IP68 rating implies these can remain lowered for 30 minutes in 1.5-meter salt or new water, which is great for a couple of earphones that don’t utilize bone conduction innovation is this reasonable?

The main thing that is truly holding these back is that Bluetooth doesn’t travel well submerged, however since you have your telephone close by, it’ll continue to play those tunes. What’s more, this is the kind of thing we’ve found during testing.

The ANC here is not a big deal, yet the Encompassing Mindful component is perfect, allowing you to hear enough of your environmental elements to have a discussion with someone else while music is as yet playing at around half volume. Furthermore, the earphones’ general sound quality is awesome. The mids might be a little recessed, yet the highs are very much addressed, conveying fresh and itemized sound. Assuming you’re searching for a reasonable set of waterproof earphones that you can use in water and ashore, this is most certainly the first to consider.

  • H2O Audio Sonar


Waterproof standard: IPX8

Battery life: 7 hours

Storage: 8GB

Audio formats: MP3, M4A

Additional info: Bluetooth


Stream music from a smartwatch

Generous 8GB storage


Not suitable for land use

Can’t be worn without goggles

The H2O Sound Sonar are bone conduction waterproof earphones that cut safely to your swimming goggles and communicate sound to your hearable nerve without requiring earplugs (except if you decide to wear a couple). The buttons are huge with raised markings, permitting you to work them with wet hands and to switch tracks by feel. The best waterproof headphones

Dissimilar to many contending waterproof earphones, the H2O Sound Sonar can likewise play music using Bluetooth – however, this is restricted by the scope of Bluetooth submerged. The sign will possibly extend around 4-in when the beneficiary is lowered, so you’ll have to connect your smartwatch to your goggles for everything to fall into place (gushing from a telephone isn’t practical).

It’s great to have another choice if you utilize your watch for streaming music routinely, however, the Sound Sonar’s liberal 8GB locally available capacity will be a lot for most swimmers. If you have an Apple Watch, look at H2O Sound’s Stretch earphones, which hold your watch’s body at the rear of your swimming cap so you can stream tunes from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and others.

  • Zygo Solo


Waterproof standard: IP68

Battery life: 3 hours

Storage: N/A

Audio formats: Any

Additional info: Bone conduction, saltwater safe, streams to 50 meters


Streams audio underwater

Easy to set up

Excellent sound

The app includes coaching tips


Needs lots of gear poolside

Works best with earplugs

The headset lacks playback buttons

The Zygo Solo is the main waterproof earphone we’ve tried that can stream music and web recordings from a telephone sitting by the side of the pool. Bluetooth transmissions can enter the water for an extremely brief distance, and the Zygo Solo gets around this issue utilizing an FM radio transmitter – a strange however powerful methodology. The best waterproof headphones

The transmitter is very enormous, yet the capacity to appreciate music, web recordings, and training tips (given by the Zygo application) without playing with MP3 documents is a genuine reward. The actual headset isn’t generally so smaller as the others in this aide, yet in our tests, it demonstrated agreeably and stayed secure in any event, while making turns submerged. The sound quality is great, as well. Like the Aftershokz Xtrainerz and Sony NW-WS413 beneath, the Zygo Solo purposes bone conduction to communicate sound to your hear-able nerve, and keeping in mind that it sounds a piece metallic ashore when you’re in the pool, the sound has a noteworthy measure of bass.

We love the Zygo versatile application, which offers teacher drove exercises and penetrates to give you preparing some assortment. Later on, the organization intends to add Peloton-style intelligent meetings, which will utilize the headset’s underlying accelerometer to keep tabs on your development in the pool. The best waterproof earphones you can purchase today. The best waterproof headphones

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