iPad Pro 2022 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Once more Macintosh has revealed its most recent premium tablet, the iPad Ace 2022, it looks set to rule the top-end tablet market.

Notwithstanding, Samsung has been staying the course on the Android tablet front for quite a while at this point, and its most recent exertion is a shocker. The Samsung World Tab S8 Ultra is enormous, delightful, and all-prepared for efficiency undertakings. So which of these two tasteful tablet lines is the better purchase? We should investigate what each brings to the table.

iPad Pro 2022 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

iPad Pro 2022 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra price and availability

The iPad Master 2022 was sent off on October 18, 2022, out in two sizes. Costs for the 11-inch model begin from $799/£899/AU$1,399, while costs for the 12.9-inch iPad Genius start at $1,099/£1,249/AU$1,899.

Those costs are for the 128GB Wi-Fi-just models, it ought to be noted. Adding a cell network and more stockpiling (256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB) will knock the charge up essentially – the two top limits additionally knock the Slam up from 8GB to 16GB.

At the actual top of the scale, a 12.9-inch iPad Master 2022 with 2TB of stockpiling and a 5G cell network will cost you $2,399/£2,679/AU$4,099.

The Samsung Universe Tab S8 Ultra hit shops on February 9, 2022. Costs start from $1,099.99/£999/$1,799 for the 8GB Slam/128GB Wi-Fi model. Like the iPad, you can expand the capacity (however just to 256GB or 512GB) and add 5G availability. Increasing stockpiling additionally knocks up the Slam from 8GB to 12 or 16GB. iPad Pro 2022 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Besting the reach is the 16/512GB cell model for £1,399, however, this isn’t accessible in the US – yet a Wi-Fi rendition of that setup costs $1,399.99. In Australia, the top model is the 16/256GB variation, which costs £1,249/AU$2,199.

In synopsis, then, at that point, the Samsung System Tab S8 Ultra is evaluated some in the middle of between the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Master 2022, yet nearer to the previous. Now that it’s somewhat more established, you’ll probably have the option to track down a reasonable plan to cut that cost down further.


Both the Samsung Cosmic system Tab S8 Ultra and the iPad Expert 2022 pair highlight level surfaces and sharp, all-aluminum bodies, with insignificant showcase bezels. The two makers have reached similar determinations about what is a cutting-edge, tasteful tablet plan.

Dissimilar to Samsung, Apple’s top-notch tablet range comes in two sizes. The 11-inch iPad Genius 2022 measures 247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9mm and weighs 466g. The 12.9-inch iPad Master 2022 measures 280.6 x 214.9 x 6.4mm and weighs 682g.

At 326.4 x 208.6 x 5.5mm, the Cosmic system Tab S8 Ultra midgets both regarding the surface region, but at the same time is skinnier. It’s a lot heavier as well, at 726g. As we said in our audit, “this is one gigantic tablet”.

Samsung loses focus for including a presentation score. This firmly Macintosh-ish highlight is mysteriously gone on the iPad Ace pair. Fortunately, the World Tab S8 Ultra’s screen is so huge, you presumably won’t take note.

The iPad Ace 2022 just offers two tones, Silver and Space Dim, which is a piece exhausting. Not half as dull as the Samsung Cosmic system Tab S8 Ultra, however, which just comes in Graphite (also known as dim dark).

Further Genius focuses turn out well for Apple with the presence of a quick Thunderclap 4 association reserved behind a recognizable USB-C port, though the Universe Tab S8 Ultra needs to manage with USB-C 3.2.

The two tablets support excellent pointer pens, and both have an attractive connection framework – the iPad on the top edge, and the Samsung on the back. There’s a significant distinction here in that Samsung incorporates its S Pen as a component of the bundle, though you’ll have to purchase the Apple Pencil 2 ($129/£139/AU$219) independently.

Apple has upgraded Apple Pencil 2 network for the new tablet, in any case. It can recognize the pointer when it gets inside 12mm, so when you float the Pencil over a text box, it will extend. Penmanship acknowledgment has likewise moved forward, however, Samsung is the genuine article in such a manner by the same token.


We’ve recently referenced that the Samsung Cosmic system Tab S8 Ultra is a lot greater than even the bigger iPad Ace 2022, and that is a direct result of its tremendous screen.

While the iPad Star 2022 offers 11-inch and 12.9-inch choices, the Samsung gives you simple the one 14.6-inch model. That is greater than a ton of workstations.

As far as the goal, the 11-inch iPad Ace 2022 offers 1668 x 2388 (265ppi), while the bigger model scales things up to 2048 x 2732 (265ppi). Samsung offers 1848 x 2960 (240ppi), which works out to be hardly less pixel-stuffed.

Each of the three tablets gives you a 120Hz revive rate, which causes all that to feel satiny.

Strangely, the kind of board varies across every one of the three of these models. The 11-inch iPad Master is an IPS LCD, the 12.9-inch iPad Star is a little Driven LCD, and the World Tab S8 Ultra is an AMOLED.

As is much of the time the case, Samsung wins for sheer eye-popping dynamic quality. AMOLED whips any LCD board hands thanks to its capacity to light pixels independently, making a more prominent difference and genuinely profound blacks.

Apple’s small Driven 12.9-inch model shuts the hole, with additional backdrop illumination zones than a standard LCD and a noteworthy 1600 nits top brilliance. The iPad 12.9-inch could get more splendid, then, however, the Universe Tab S8 Ultra’s AMOLED screen flaunts the more great result in general.


Cameras are never the main thought with tablets, so we’ll be brief. Both iPad Expert 2022 tablets highlight double camera arrangements, comprising a 12MP wide and a 10MP super wide. You likewise get a ToF 3D LiDAR scanner for further developed profundity discernment.

The Samsung World Tab S8 Ultra likewise gives you a double camera framework: one 13MP wide and a 6MP super wide. We’d give Apple the edge here, however once more, it’s not too significant.

Around the front, the iPad Genius gives you a 12MP TrueDepth camera that supports Face ID verification, while All important focal point tracks your face in video calls.

Samsung likewise carries a bonus to the front camera party, with a double 12MP framework. One has a wide-point focal point while the other is super wide, and Samsung’s framework can likewise chase after you during video calls – however, so can Apple’s.

specs and performance

The iPad Master 2022 sudden spikes in demand for the really PC class Macintosh M2 chip. This is the very essential chip that drives the most recent MacBook Air and MacBook Star.

This places the iPad Master 2022 well in front of the World Tab S8 Ultra on execution. Samsung’s superior tablet runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, which isn’t even the main leader Android cell phone chip nowadays.

Indeed, even last year’s iPad Master, which ran on the Macintosh M1 chip (with a 15% slow central processor and a 35% slow GPU contrasted with the M2) decimates the Cosmic system Tab S8 Ultra in most benchmark tests, and in our survey of the most recent model, we observed that it was phenomenally strong.

Besides a crude presentation advantage, Apple’s M2 likewise allows it to do new things like record video in the requesting ProRes design.

Processor to the side, the iPad Genius 2022 boats with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacity choices. Samsung’s tablet just provides you with the decision of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.


The 11-inch iPad Star 2022 boats with a 7,538mAh battery, while the 12.9-inch Expert accompanies a 10,758mAh cell.

Samsung prepares the Universe Tab S8 Ultra with a considerably bigger 11,200mAh cell, however, it merits recollecting that Android will, in general, be more eager for power and that Samsung’s tablet sports a greater presentation.

Apple claims “as long as 10 hours of riding the web on Wi‐Fi or watching the video”, while Samsung doesn’t get that particular.

In our surveys, we found that the iPad Star 12.9 (2022) could match Macintosh’s cases, yet for specific undertakings, the battery would likewise deplete significantly quicker. Only six hours of HDR video for instance was sufficient to deplete it. We found it took significantly more work to deplete the System Tab S8 Ultra, with an hour and a half film taking off 16%, so Samsung’s record has the edge here.

On the charging front, Samsung upholds 45W wired charging which can fill the battery in a short time. Apple then again upholds a fairly weak 20W charging.

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