GoPro Hero 11 Black vs DJI Osmo Action 3, GoPro is as yet the aphorism for activity cams, however, DJI is an inexorably solid adversary. The robot creator has been making its intense cams for a long time – so how does its most recent, the DJI Osmo Activity 3, contrast, and the new GoPro Legend 11 Dark? Also, which would it be advisable for you to mean to purchase in the current year’s huge shopping day after Thanksgiving bargains?

GoPro’s Legend 11 Dark is energizing. It makes a splash with a bigger sensor and has an almost square 8:7 viewpoint proportion. It likewise acquaints an overhaul with GoPro’s camera programming that improves it for learners, it upholds an abundance of mods and frill proprietors of more seasoned GoPros can reuse assuming they get the best in class Legend. GoPro Hero 11 Black vs DJI Osmo Action 3 .

How does DJI expect to make an on-the-head-of-the-move camera pack? It begins its attack with cost, undermining both last year’s GoPro Legend 10 Dark as well as the new 11 Dark. A lower cost doesn’t mean second-rate highlights no matter how you look at it, however, the DJI Osmo Activity 3 presents a more sturdy body that can endure profundities of up to 16m.

GoPro Hero 11 Black vs DJI Osmo Action 3

However, is the Legend 11 Dark still the one to focus on in the current year’s shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving GoPro bargains? Or on the other hand, does DJI make an on-the-laid-out move camera champion and win? The following are eight fundamental contrasts between the two activity cameras to assist you with choosing, trailed by our last decision.

price and packages

It’s no straightforward errand looking at the costs of a GoPro Legend 11 Dark and a DJI Osmo Activity 3, as what you pay will rely upon various elements: which bundle you decide on, what membership you have, and where you are on the planet.

The GoPro Legend 11 Dark expenses $399.98/£399.98/AU$649.95 whenever packaged with a GoPro Membership, or $499.99/£499.99/AU$799.95 with no GoPro Membership.

The DJI Osmo Activity 3, on the other hand, costs a fair piece less: $329/£309/AU$519 in its least expensive bundle, and DJI has likewise sent off the Experience Combo for $439/£399/AU$719.

Delving into somewhat more detail on what each bundle comprises, the Maker Release GoPro Legend 11 Dark incorporates the Volta battery grasp, Media Mod, Light Mod, as well as the center camera pack – the camera and an Enduro battery.

The DJI Osmo Activity 3 Experience Combo consolidates the camera with a large group of mounts, a sum of three batteries, and charging support for them, notwithstanding a hold and representation direction mountable lodging.

It’s conceivable that both of these cameras could see limits or offers in the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving GoPro arrangements or the biggest shopping day of the year DJI bargains, so look at our separate aides on those for the most recent news from bargains town.


The greatest reasonable distinction between the GoPro Legend 11 Dark and other activity cameras is the sensor – explicitly, its shape.

The Legend 11 Dark’s new 8:9 sensor includes an all more square viewpoint proportion that improves its fit to picture and scene direction crops than the customary 4:3 sensor of the DJI Osmo Activity 3.

How could you need to trade a solitary clasp in one or the other picture or scene direction? To take care of your eager online entertainment channels – representation for Instagram Reels and TikTok, scene for YouTube.

The Legend 11 Dark likewise partakes in a higher goal than the DJI Osmo Activity 3, getting started at 27MP versus 12MP. That benefit implies that the photograph goal of GoPro’s leader camera will be essentially higher – over twofold that of DJI’s. What’s more, it additionally implies that Legend 11 Dark can catch 5.3K video as well, both in 16:9 and 8:7 viewpoint proportions.

Notwithstanding its large pixel count, the Legend 11 Dark sensor isn’t precisely tremendous at 1/1.9-inch. As a matter of fact, the DJI Osmo Activity 3’s sensor is bigger at 1/1.7-inch – proposing it ought to be better ready to deal with low light conditions. As we’ll go on, that isn’t true – GoPro’s product does ponder with the minuscule equipment within reach and edges ahead in faintly lit conditions.

Image and video quality

The GoPro Hero11 Dark outperforms the DJI Osmo Activity 3 in various ways about picture quality. First off, it catches a more full unique reach than DJI’s camera, better ready to adjust features overhead and shadows in a single casing. It’s additionally a 10-bit camera, very much like an iPhone 14 Ace, so handles inclinations with less banding than the 8-cycle DJI Osmo Activity 3.

GoPro’s camera handling likewise helps the Legend 11 Dark’s lowlight film look not so much loud but rather more usable – however, neither one of the cameras works hard when the lights drop. By the by, with the consideration of some night modes, explicitly, Light Artwork, GoPro discovers some fun workarounds to assist with edging the 11 Dark much further ahead in testing scenes.

Video fans who need the most extreme goal and approach rates can expect comparable outcomes across the two cameras in standard video mode, because of the cameras’ 16:9 4K video caught at up to 120fps, and 2.7K films at up to 240fps.

For any individual who needs a more squat viewpoint proportion, the GoPro Legend 11 Dark shoots 8:7, 5:3K film at up to 30fps, and 16:9 5.3K film at up to 60fps. That is versus a most extreme goal of 4K (4:3) at 60fps on the DJI Osmo Activity 3.

While the GoPro Legend 11 Dark edges ahead with regards to approach rates and goals, however, the DJI Activity 3 can shoot with a more extensive flat field of view, consequently getting significantly more in outline in a 16:9 video.

Diving Depths

At the point when you consider submerged activity cameras, shark confine catch, and deep(ish) ocean plunging film, you could believe GoPro’s the best approach, complete with submerged lodging on the off chance that you’re truly stretching the boundaries. Yet, DJI goes further than the Legend 11 Dark with its new Osmo Activity 3.

For north of 10 years, 10 meters, which works out to around 32 feet, has been the standard greatest profundity that activity cameras like the Legend 10 Dark, could deal with. Presently, DJI pushes things the entire way to 16m – north of 53 feet.

So while your GoPro Legend 11 Dark could require submerged lodging if you have any desire to involve it in a shark confine, for instance, which is by and largely lowered somewhere in the range of 10 and 15m, the Osmo Activity 3 will not.

You probably won’t require submerged lodging for profound swims, however, you should enact an exceptional mode that impairs the touchscreen. This implies you’ll be dependent upon the buttons for the catch, and you will not have the option to change the settings submerged, however, gave that the camera’s entryways are all around fixed, it shouldn’t suffocate under tension.

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