Ace of Space 2 Voting Poll Results October 10

Ace of Space Season 2 is entering a very critical phase in the competition. Champion of Space 2 is hosted by Vikas Gupta and kicked off with 24 contestants in this season. Ace of Space 2 will run for 72 days this season.

This week, eight contestants are battling it out against eviction. It would be interesting to see who gets eliminated in this week’s eviction voting on Ace of Space 2.

Ace of Space 2 Online Voting Results – Day 4 – Salman Leads Followed By Luv Tyagi, Manhar Trails As of Today in Audience Voting Results

The voting patterns are taking a serious turn towards the last night of voting. Salman Zaidi and Luv Tyagi are comfortably positioned in this week’s audience voting polls on Voot. However, it would be interesting to see if Manhar fails to make the cut in this week’s eliminations.

Ace of Space 2 Online Voting Procedure via or Voot App

This voting method is applicable for Indian audiences of Ace of Space Season 2.

  • Go to from your browser.
  • Click on the Login button from the top right and login with your Gmail or Facebook account or any other E-mail ID.
  • After logging in, during the voting window, choose the voting window for Ace of Space Season 2, among other Voot or MTV shows, and click on participants’ names to cast your vote.
    • Once the vote is cast, the voter will get an automated message regarding the majority being successfully cast.
    • If the vote is cast after the online voting window is closed, the majority will be considered to be a legitimate vote for the next voting window, which opens on the subsequent Monday at 1900 Hrs.
    • There will be no charges applicable for the vote casting procedure through any of the Ace of Space 2 voting procedures.
    • Irrespective of the number of votes cast by an individual with the same contact details, only one vote per person will be considered for the voting process.

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