10 Windows Interfaces, When I lie on my death bed, I am sure that the last image that appears before me will be the menu of Windows XP, seared into brain cells, which are meant to serve as memories of loved people. I’m sure of it.

Windows is different from it was. Twenty years ago, Microsoft was so mighty that the whole force from the US government came down hard on Microsoft for forcing users to adopt Internet Explorer. Do you remember when US regulators were able to tackle monopolies? Microsoft today feels like a quaint, unimportant company compared to rivals like Apple, Google, and Meta. Microsoft of today is almost like a quaint company with no personality that wants to offer you the most current versions of Excel (Though Bill Gates’ baby is still worth $1.68 trillion.)

Yet, for many people, the early years were at the peak of Microsoft’s computer dominance. Even the tiniest Gizmodo readers likely had a long time gazing at Windows 7. The icons, screen images, as well as apps of the old Windows interfaces, are there all the time, even if you aren’t able to be able to see these on an iPhone or your premium MacBook Pro.

The Control Panel

In the early days of Windows 95, computers were not the sexiest. In a class of products that were revolutionary, I would spend many hours at the computer in the family, in a state of mindlessness. Then I got my smartphone, for which I am grateful for that.

If you were like me, there was a sure way to entertain yourself: altering the background of your desktop. You can do that by finding yourself in the Control Panel. This is a snapshot of the primary operating systems; you can compare the variety of options on this page with the menus and switches in a modern operating system. Windows 95 also crashed–a lot–and it was always necessary to alter settings to make things function, making the Control Panel a frequent (and often tricky) partner.


I don’t know what made me hate Windows Media Player so much. However, decades after, the resentment runs into my veins. Winamp was superior. Check it out. I’ll wait.

I received my first copy of this beautiful program on a CD that included a PC Magazine (I was that obsessed when I was in middle school). It was all downhill from there. The unlimited easy access provided by streaming services for music is a welcome change. However, there was something unique at the beginning of the age of electronic music. In addition, it was provocative to pirate MP3s instead of supporting large corporations such as Spotify and Apple.

The Found Hardware Wizard

It’s easy to overlook how great the technology we have today is. I’m annoyed by my laptop occasionally; however, until the last few years, computers were almost non-functional. The “Found The New Hardware Wizard” was supposed to aid. It didn’t.

Today, you connect an item via USB-C or connect it via Bluetooth or Bluetooth, and it will likely function. It would have been a romantic dream had you told me about it in 2004. For the majority of the history of computers, the process of connecting a new device meant an extended exploration of drivers and settings and hoping that this time your printer would begin to be able to function.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack

In the mid-90s, it was the height of gaming. The joy from playing with the Microsoft Entertainment Pack floppy disk and the countless screaming sounds are hard to compare to the modern world in which rampant dopamine addiction has rendered me no sense of happiness.

The game was more straightforward in 1995. Every version of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack had around 8 games. There were classic titles such as Chip’s Challenge, Minesweeper, Rodent’s Revenge, JezzBall, Pipe Dream, and the 10,000 variations of Solitare.

However, SkiFree was the most popular of all. I’ve played some exciting video games since then, but I wonder if things have changed or improved. There’s an emulator for SkiFree here (though I have yet to guarantee that this link will function even if you’re reading this five years from now).

I’m not feeling secure, but I don’t feel safe.

I’m a tech journalist, and I’ve never been able to understand the reason why you can’t simply hit on the power button. It was clearly stated, however, that you could go wrong when you don’t follow the proper process of shutting down. It’s strange that for something once commonplace, it’s not an essential part of using computers anymore. Did you have your laptop shut down in 2022? Give him some treats and reboot it.

“It seems like you’re writing an email!”

Microsoft Office is dead to me. Today, I do all my writing on Google Docs, and the experience is far superior. The autosaving feature alone is a godsend. However, I’ll never get my old buddy Microsoft Word even if I’m using Times New Roman.

Clippy, on The contrary, can remain in its Recycle Bin for time. Did anyone ever write an actual letter?

Il Schermo Blu Della Morte

You knew that the Blue Screen of Death would appear in this slideshow, but were you expecting it in Italian? I’m experiencing a traumatic reaction when I look at this now, even though it’s in a language I’m not sure of.

Paint me to look like the one you have on your French computers

You can say whatever you want about Windows, but Microsoft Paint slapped, and it does. Why do I need to download a new application to edit images on the Mac?

What Were Screensavers Even For?

On older (now significantly older) CRT-based monitors, images can be permanently burned into the monitor if displayed for a prolonged period. To stop this from happening, the computer God has brought us screensavers that save your screen.

Because of the glitz and glamour of LCDs and modern screens, we no longer have to be concerned about this issue of the 20th century. Screensavers, however, were focused on self-expression. There’s less requirement for that in the screensaver section with the ability to change your Instagram profile photo. However, for a while, “Flying Through Space” was more than just a screensaver for me. It was my identity.

3D Space Cadet

True heads are aware. I can sketch a 3D Space Cadet from memory and then perform the full sound effects in a capella if I hold the head of a gun. That’s the amount of time I was playing.

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